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I have seen so many improvements with my health whilst I have been under your care. If I had not contacted you I would still be taking painkillers on a daily basis and my gallbladder would probably have been removed and I would still be having issues with my pancreas and liver. Also I would not have lost weight and my pre diabetes would have progressed. Right now I am no longer pre diabetic, I have lost weight and I no longer take numerous painkillers to get through the day. I never thought at the start of this journey that I would be where I am now. I am grateful for all your help, commitment and support, especially your encouragement in regards to me making changes to my diet. Also the things that I can do to increase my daily activity levels which did not involve joining a gym! Thank you for everything Raquel. Mel

 I visited Raquel recently and I have had 2 reiki treatments. Having worked in the NHS for more than 30 years I felt that my physical and mental energy levels had hit a bit of a low level. I also had a couple of physical health issues which I felt were partly related to general stress and tiredness. 
 I found Raquel to be welcoming, knowledgeable and professional. The actual reiki treatments were amazing and truly relaxing, like an extremely deep effortless meditation session. The treatments were very gentle but the effects seem to have been powerful. Afterwards I felt calm, relaxed and energised with increased focus and mental clarity. The physical issues have also now mostly resolved. 
 At the time of writing this review it is over 2 weeks since my last reiki session and the positive effects I mentioned have stayed with me. This was my first experience of reiki and if you are considering it then I would certainly recommend Raquel. I can honestly say that this experience has been so good for my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It has been truly life enhancing. Richard

I come to Raquel after a year and half of menopause, endometriosis and IVF at the age of 28 then a breakdown of my relationship. Before arriving I was stressed, overwhelmed and at my last push. The first session was so relaxing. I cried softly and felt the energy being moved around and released, so much so I booked my 2nd session for the week after. 
I felt clear in my mind, and looser in my body. I got my first full night’s sleep in 3 weeks after my first session. Amazing work.  Aimee

My reiki treatment with Raquel was very relaxing I really enjoyed it. Particularly as I am also a  reiki practitioner myself I knew more or less what to expect.  But I was pleasantly surprised by how great I felt after the session as I was going through a few personal issues at the time”
I have recommended her to my friends as I feel that her sessions are powerful yet gentle. Jenny

I first realised the value of Reiki in the 1990s, without having had any formal sessions. Decades on, I have been living with a number of commonplace health difficulties, which, when combined, have been making life difficult, painful and slower. Mainly they are conditions for which conventional medicine does not seem to have easily available treatments. I found Raquel’s details online and am extremely glad that I did.

It seems to me that her intent is to “tune in” to her client and simply to allow the Reiki energy to go where it will.  As a nutritionist, there may be questions she needs to ask or comments she would like to make but they are never intrusive. She has a way of accepting my answers without ever over-emphasising any point she may wish to bring to my attention.  Raquel seems to take time to prepare mentally for a treatment session. I do not ever feel that I am in a revolving door and I have her full attention in the most gentle and natural way.

Four months into my Reiki sessions, there are big improvements to some aspects of my health, including my confidence and mental/emotional position. Other things take more time naturally. Reiki just seems to emerge and take effect in its own time and way. I would not hesitate to recommend Reiki and Raquel to anyone who comes asking. I feel very fortunate to have found her as my practitioner. Vaninne

I visited Raquel for help with fatigue and heart issues arising from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. She has helped me with dietary advice and reiki treatments . The treatments were very relaxing and helped my nervous system calm down . When I felt too unwell to visit in person I was able to have distant reiki healing which was very helpful . I always found Raquel efficient , kind and knowledgeable in her approach. Josie Dixie

I have been having Reiki sessions with Raquel Martin for a few weeks both in person and distant.   I have found them to be very relaxing and beneficial in helping me to get more sleep and be more relaxed generally. Raquel is a calming influence and I would recommend her highly. PH

I have had a few Reiki sessions with Raquel and they have been very beneficial. After the first one, I felt a great sense of calm and overall happiness that lasted a few days. It was an amazing feeling after months of anxiety and general negative mindset. I thought I would do one session only but enjoyed it so much that I had a couple more after that.
I would really recommend treating yourself to a treatment (or more) and enjoy the benefits of it. It’s just like a massage but for the mind. Ideal in times of high anxiety, overthinking or fogginess/depressive phase.
Raquel is a very kind and intuitive person. I felt immediately at ease and would highly recommend her as a Reiki practitioner. Claire

I came to Raquel with a number of symptoms and after completing a range of tests, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition, Hashimotos. It was certainly a lightbulb moment for me and the more I learned from Raquel, the more I could see how the many symptoms I’d been experiencing over the years had led to this diagnosis. 
Raquel suggested a number of ways to address my symptoms including nutritional advice, supplements, exercise and stress management. Within a few days of following her advice I felt so much better and I’ve continued to see improvements in my health and energy levels.   
I credit Raquel’s quick diagnosis and treatment plan with helping me achieve a healthy pregnancy, and her pragmatic advice and support has made my condition seem much less daunting. 
I thoroughly recommend Raquel if you’re seeking nutritional advice or Reiki.  Liz

“Raquel, thank you so much for getting my life back on track and for helping me understand how to get my symptoms under control through the power of nutrition. I cannot thank you enough for that! You are a pleasure to work with, you demonstrate empathy and clearly are a subject matter in your field – I cannot thank you enough!”  Mrs Jones, Surrey

“After struggling with cystitis and digestive issues for over a year Raquel has been able to apply western and eastern medicine to show drastic improvements to my health and wellbeing within just five months! She understands when lifestyle factors get in the way of the program and how to adapt or modify to fit the current lifestyle. Overall highly recommended a wonderful practitioner!”   Natalie

“I first made an appointment with Raquel as I felt like I was living a healthy lifestyle (eating reasonably healthily, cooking homemade meals from scratch and getting 8-9 hours sleep a night), yet I was constantly feeling tired, sick and run-down.  It was affecting my ability to exercise and I could feel myself getting steadily worse.  I had been avoiding some foods due to digestive symptoms, but was curious to know if there was anything else I should be avoiding or including in my diet.  I also sensed that I was at a turning point with my health, and that if I continued to eat as I was, I was going to develop much worse symptoms and issues.

Raquel pin-pointed Candida (yeast overgrowth in the gut) as a probable cause during our first consultation, asked me to immediately cut out sugar, gluten and dairy, and also recommended lab tests for SIBO and food intolerances.
I was impressed with Raquel’s ability to immediately diagnose what was wrong and suggest dietary changes.  Test results confirmed Candida and also revealed intolerances to quite a few foods I had been consuming on a daily basis. This required quite drastic dietary changes and a programme of supplements to heal and balance my gut, however Raquel guided me through these changes with patience and care.  Although it was difficult at first, I felt motivated to continue due to the benefits of reduced digestive symptoms, good quality sleep and feeling back to my normal energetic self (eg. able to exercise properly again).  I would liken it to feeling like a knife that has just been sharpened – you don’t notice how blunt the knife was until you sharpen it, and remember how good it feels to slice with ease again.  
While not all of my symptoms have resolved and we are still investigating the reasons, I feel such a marked improvement in my health and there’s not a chance that I could have figured any of this out on my own, without Raquel’s professional advice.  She is competent, knowledgeable and clearly experienced as a Nutritional Therapist, and I have been recommending her to all my friends (who have been commenting on how well I look)!”  Anna

“Raquel’s professional approach will get you results. She is thorough and determined and will look further where others will stop to understand the cause or your issues. She got to the bottom of my digestive issues and I am now being finally treated for SIBO (with a mixture of diet, supplements and natural antibiotics) after years of suffering without a clear answer as to why. I would highly recommend her services.”  Mayra

“The first time I heard of Reiki was through Raquel. Initially I was sceptical however after a few treatments I noticed an improvement in my sleep, a reduction in my anxiety and a change in my food habits. The treatment takes place in a comfortable environment and Raquel always prepares me before and checks on my wellbeing afterwards. I highly recommend sessions with Raquel.”   Hannah

“If you have discovered Raquel Martin’s web site, or have a condition that you think she might be able to assist with, I would suggest that you take up the recommendation – Raquel Martin is very good.

I first came across Raquel Martin a couple of years ago when I was suffering from recurring sinus problems, fatigue and my head felt like it was full of cotton wool.  After a couple of meetings with Raquel and a few tests, she pointed out that my diet was having a significant negative impact on my health and that there were a number of foods to which I had an intolerance.  I have since changed my diet and, whilst this has not always been easy to maintain, I am now seeing significant improvements to my original symptoms and my overall wellbeing.  I am now much more discriminating over my choice of foods, both at home and when out at restaurants (easier than I thought); and whilst the object of the exercise was never directly targeted at weight loss, just by eating more healthily, I have also managed to lose approx. 14lbs in weight and feel very much better for it………and my clothes fit properly again ! 

I have to confess that I was a little cynical at the beginning and my journey continues…… but I am now a believer !

Throughout this process Raquel, has been knowledgeable, engaged,  professional and supportive; and there is little doubt that she is passionately committed to her vocation.  I would highly recommend her services to anybody who is struggling to take back control of their health.”  John

“Raquel has helped a great deal with my IBS issue. She gave me sound and comprehensive dietary advice. It was not easy to change my eating habits but with Raquel’s encouragement I was able to persevere.
I am continuing with Raquel’s nutritional recommendations. I have to say I feel a great deal better and have noticed vast improvements to my IBS.
I would thoroughly recommend Raquel’s services.”  Elena


“I originally saw Raquel in her capacity as a nutritional therapist and she has helped me a lot.  I was having Reiki treatments with another practitioner once a month and it became apparent that once a month wasn’t enough.  I suffer from anxiety and depression.  My life is high stress and high pressure, both at work and at home.  I am not good at relaxing/winding down and definitely needed some extra help.  After having a Reiki session with Raquel, I feel calmer both in mind and body.  I also sleep better that evening (something else I am not generally good at).  Raquel is empathetic – she wants people to get better and to contribute to their own improvement.  She will assist with that.  She has advised me to take a course in Reiki so that I can self treat.  My issue is finding the time, but it is something I am giving consideration to.  I would recommend anyone with low mood and/or tension to give Reiki a try.”  Cathy


“After feeling unwell for a number of months, I visited a local GP who conducted standard blood test and concluded I was depressed. Yes I was feeling low but I felt there was more too it, I was extremely fatigued, anxious, overeating, having insomnia and knee pain. So I conducted some research and came across Raquel’s web page. Meeting with Raquel has been life changing: she listened to me, reviewed my medical history and recommended additional tests. Subsequently I implemented Raquel’s recommendations and I am now feeling much better. I have seen an improvement in my energy levels, mood and eating habits. Raquel treats me as an individual and her continual drive to help restore my well-being has been invaluable. Although I am still on my road to recovery I know with Raquel’s help I will get there.”  Hannah


“I recently went to see Raquel after two years of continual brain fog, inability to concentrate or remember or learn things, anhedonia, a continually disappearing and appearing patch of dry skin, and chronic constipation and bloating. At this point, I’d seen almost all of the doctors at my local surgery. The only things I’d been prescribed in all that time were eczema cream and antidepressants. Other recommendations made were laxatives, colonoscopies, counselling, CBT and “headscarves instead of wigs”. None of the above had worked, and I started to feel massive pressure from all corners to go back to counselling, lest no medical help be offered at all. Luckily, I’d already discovered AIP and “leaky gut syndrome” by the time I came to see Raquel, but if it hadn’t been for her written recommendations, I would have had absolutely no idea: 1) what tests to ask my GP for (I don’t think they would have allowed me to take them without her authority) and 2) that the blood tests a GP had hitherto advised me to take, tested for none of the things my symptoms suggested. A GP has since discovered that my TPO antibodies are elevated, and after a subsequent blood test, I’ve finally been referred to an endocrinologist. Tests aside, Raquel’s food and supplement recommendations – particularly that I increase my daily intake of vegetables and supplement with good quality magnesium – have seriously improved my symptoms. I am very grateful to Raquel for all of the above.”  Faye


“I believe that Raquel is a great professional and I am very grateful for what she has done to improve my health. When I started seeing her I had been feeling unwell for many years (slow and heavy digestions and a lot of gas), to which traditional medicine had no answers for. Raquel advised me to do some laboratory testing, which is how I found out that I had SIBO and a lot of food sensitivities (to foods I never thought could be a problem for me!), as well as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Since I follow Raquel’s recommendations my health has improved an awful lot (much more than I thought was possible based on what I was told by my GP), and I feel better and better every day. Thank you Raquel.”  Elena


“I had been unwell for some years – regular stomach cramps and upsets, depression, anxiety, OCD and an inability to lose weight. I had very low energy, was listless and I was bloated.I first saw Raquel in October 2016. At that point, I wasn’t sure if there was a way back, I thought I’d left it too long (late 40s). From the first consultation, I started to feel that it wasn’t too late, there would be some hard work to do, but I could be helped. After the first 90 minutes with Raquel, I felt calmer and more hopeful.Raquel recommended various laboratory tests over several consultations. The results showed, amongst other things, that I was shockingly deficient in Vitamin D, I had some food sensitivities, gut infections and high cortisol. Within three weeks of starting her recommendations, my skin looked brighter and less dry, and my stomach had calmed down a lot.I have been following Raquel’s advice on diet, supplementation and lifestyle. The latter was particularly important: I needed to bring down my stress levels, as that was affecting everything else. Raquel advised me on additional help I should seek regarding stress management, and I now do Pilates classes once a week, Reiki once a month and have counselling sessions on a fortnightly basis, amongst other things.


I have now lost two stone in weight. I have managed to get rid of one of the stomach infections. I feel more energised, calmer and less anxious and depressed.

I still have more weight to lose and one infection to get rid of, and I must continue keeping my stress levels down, but I know I am in the right hands with Raquel. Her approach is holistic. She is a positive, encouraging and empathetic lady and I am grateful to have benefited from her expertise and the way she has delivered it. I would recommend Raquel to anyone – as long as you are prepared to put the necessary work in, it will change your life.”  Cathy

“When my GP told me few years back “Mr. Joshi, there is nothing we can do about your stomach. I am sorry but you will have to live with this pain in your upper stomach for rest of your life”, I took the words of the expert and a little discomfort in my upper stomach became part of me.
I contacted Raquel when my GP this year told me that I have high cholesterol and that I should change my eating habits. I also mentioned to Raquel about some digestive issues I had and this discomfort in my upper stomach. Four months down the line with Raquel’s suggestions, I have lost a lot of extra weight, I feel healthy, the digestive issues are gone and the discomfort in my upper stomach, which my GP gave up on, seems to be healing.

Being a professional myself, I really admire the patience and attention to detail that Raquel has given to my case. For me she is one of the very sincere ones out there. I am very thankful to her for changing my life so positively.”  Vijay

“I took my teenage daughter to see Raquel as she has been suffering with eczema since birth. After years of trying various treatments, from steroids to traditional Chinese medicine, we were not seeing any improvements and the eczema was getting worse. Since meeting with Raquel 3 months ago, we have seen a marked improvement in my daughter’s eczema and it is the best it has been for many years. Raquel is extremely knowledgeable and very thorough and, after the initial consultation she put forward a number of recommendations, including allergy testing, supplements and dietary changes. It has been quite a journey, but the results are definitely worth it, as we can see the huge difference it has made to my daughter’s skin, as well as her energy levels and her sleep.”  Yvonne

“Before I met Raquel five months ago, I was feeling very tired and anxious despite having what many would consider a healthy diet. I didn’t understand what was going on with my health and lack of energy. I had an underactive thyroid but I was taking levothyroxine and my lab tests seemed to be normal. Raquel quickly identified the likely cause and recommended that I take some blood tests, gut health tests and food intolerance test. All of them confirmed her suspicions, including that I had Hashimoto’s. As a result of her protocol my fatigue and anxiety are gone, and I am now able to follow a healthy diet that works for my body. Raquel didn’t just help me but also my family. My 4-year-old daughter and husband also have food intolerances and thanks to her suggestions I know how to help them too.”  Magdalena

“I have been seeing Raquel for a while now. I contacted her in desperation after suffering ill health for several years. She made several suggestions and I agreed to be tested for intolerances. To my surprise, there were quite a few items on the list including foods that I love and found difficult to give up. I found it hard to put into practice the ‘new regime’ but with her continual support and encouragement I was able to do this and because she is so knowledgeable she was able to suggest alternatives so that I did not feel I was ‘missing out’. I am now so much better and would whole heartedly recommend visiting Raquel as her holistic approach, along with meditation has worked really well for me. Thank you Raquel.”  Jean

“Raquel has helped me tremendously. I was feeling awful and things were pretty desperate for me when I found her. I had become unwell very quickly, my energy levels were virtually non-existent and I was struggling badly with painful joints and aching muscles.

I’d been told there might be a thyroid problem by my GP and was eventually diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease (the auto-immune version of Hypothyroidism). Raquel’s guidance also helped identify that I was suffering with leaky gut and dysbiosis. Her deep knowledge in these areas helped me to better understand the auto-immune processes taking place in my own body. She guided me in what I needed to be requesting in my blood tests and subsequently analysed my results. She provided me with a dietary protocol: a combination of eating certain foods, avoiding certain others and a recommendation of food supplements to help put things back on the right path. This helped me and I gradually began to improve. However some of my symptoms remained so Raquel arranged a food intolerance test for me. The results were very surprising and really enabled Raquel to fine-tune my recovery protocol. She helped me to understand the lifestyle changes, the commitments and sacrifices I needed to make in order to feel well again.

Nine months or so after my first consultation with Raquel, I feel much better and am well on the path to recovery. This is all thanks to Raquel, she has helped me tremendously.”  Ashley

“I went to Raquel as a result of having Typhoid a number of times and taking many courses of antibiotics. As a result, I started having bad digestive problems, at times I felt nauseous and I felt as if I was not digesting my food properly, all of which caused discomfort.

Raquel was the first nutritional therapist I had ever been to and I found it really helped. The approach she used was a holistic one, where she looked at many areas of my life and as a result gave me a diet to follow for approximately 8 weeks, as well as taking a supplement. The diet was hard, as it involved cutting out caffeine (!), but it was really worth it. It really made me increasingly aware of how important your diet is and the effect it can have on your physical and mental well being.

After the diet and taking the supplement I felt a lot better, it was gradual but I could see the results and I am still feeling them now. I would definitely recommend Raquel if you want to go for a more holistic and alternative approach, she is very friendly and the sessions were really informative and enjoyable. Thanks.”  Pascale

“My cousin in India told me about Reiki and I had no clue about it. While getting a consultation for nutritional therapy from Raquel, she explained to me about Reiki. Many of the issues with my digestive system seemed to be stress related, having been through some tough time in my life. I read about Reiki and felt that, although I did not think I needed that much physical healing, mentally/emotionally I could do with some support in whatever form I could get it.After four sessions of Reiki from Raquel, I found many knots in my mind opening up. I feel emotionally healed and open to challenges in life that I had considered myself not worthy of anymore.Reiki sessions from Raquel have given me an ability to face life with new strength and determination. I was drawn to Reiki for emotional healing and I can say that in the past weeks, these sessions with Raquel have put me in the right direction.


Raquel’s sincerity and professionalism is admirable. I am thankful to Raquel for opening up possibilities in my life through Reiki. ”  Vijay

“I received four reiki sessions from Raquel on four consecutive days. She made me feel confortable and cared for. The reiki helped me to relax and approach my personal circumstances with a different perspective, more at ease.

Lately she has also given me distant healing. I am always amazed at Raquel’s intuition in these sessions helping me to realize what is going on in my unconscious mind.

Raquel is a very good reiki practitioner and I feel privileged to have her around.”  Rocio

“I had a Reiki session from Raquel during a very tough time of my life where stress and negativity surrounded me from everywhere.  I didn’t know what Reiki was supposed to do to me, I just knew that it’s a way of channelling the positive energy in the universe towards you through the practitioner.

Raquel started by putting on relaxing music in the background which helped me to be more relaxed.  When she started the practice, I felt really warm all over my body; the warmth came from within.  My eyes were closed during the session but to my surprise all what I was able to see while having my eyes closed was light, strong bright light.  Half way through the session I started to feel really uplifted spiritually and physically, I felt so energetic and extremely positive.  At the end of the session my mind was very clear, my body was warm and comfortable and I had a very strong feeling of positivity, happiness and strength to deal with any life challenge mentally and physically.

I would definitely go for more Reiki sessions with Raquel again.”  Angie

“I’ve had the fortune of receiving Reiki by Raquel in a number of occasions and for different reasons. Most recently she helped me see through a difficult patch of bad sleep and restless mind during some hardships in my personal and professional life.

Raquel always takes the time to prepare the atmosphere and to make me feel at ease before each session. The Reiki I get from her helps me tackle each situation with a more positive, optimistic approach and with a clear head. I am always surprised at how much more relaxed I feel after every session and how long this beautiful sensation lasts for.

Overall, Raquel is an intuitive and compassionate practitioner who makes you feel well cared for. I would highly recommend Raquel both to experienced or new discoverers of Reiki.”  Sikelia



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